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Diet For Bodybuilders

Diet For Bodybuilders
Diet For Bodybuilders

Diet for Bodybuilder:

The importance of nutritional value:

Body building diet is constantly changing due to your muscle mass increase. If you lose your muscles if you lay muscle, you must eat more than you need to eat less.

Calorie consumption:

If you keep your protein intake constant, just adjust the carbohydrate intake up and down with time as your mirror points and add a multivitamin/mineral combination to the meal.

Eat 15 calories/lb weight.

Please note that 15 calories are just a starting point. Depending on how it looks in the mirror, try two weeks before reducing or increasing total caloric intake.

Eat 2 to 2.5 grams of carbohydrate per kg of body weight.

The energy source of your body is glucose. Carbohydrates must be your favorite energy source. A lot of ecdysteroids, fruit grapefruit, blueberries, and oranges are contained in red meat yam, brown rice, shredded wheat, shredded vegetables - broccoli, asparagus, corn, and spinach, consuming 1.2 g per kg of body weight. Then you actually need. This extra protein will be good if you will lose body fat.

The importance of protein:

This energy, which results from your body burning fat, as well as other researchers, a healthy subject giving more protein than it is deemed to be sufficient to build muscle, I found that I burn a lot of fat during exercise.

Higher protein diet:

It was consumed at about 1.2 g weight/day and showed signs of achieving essential protein balance to burn fatter and build up larger muscles!

Burn faster:

If you eat 1.2 g protein/lb or more you can burn a richer taste, but you need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

Protein sales:

Look for a low-fat protein powder or a meal replacement beverage mix that contains a blend of casein and whey. Alternatively, please mix whey protein with low-fat milk. This is about 80% casein. If more carbohydrates are needed, simply add fruits or throw protein powder.


Eat the most nutritious, low-fat carbohydrate and protein source you can find. Virtually all food recommendations are some fat, dilute protein, protein powder, chicken breast meat, egg white, non-fat dairy products, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, low-fat fish, tuna, sole it contains.

You have to watch:

The first one is a good old scales sitting to collect dust in the bathroom. We need to monitor the weight to see if the muscular target is causing weight gain.

Please look at the diet:

When your weight gets up and you become a muscle or your stomach gets bigger, if your stomach becomes too big to eat too much, you may feel fear when trying to put on your muscles. Fat is not going too far.

Check muscle and fat:

By using the caliper every two weeks you can see what is going on. Because the muscles cannot be eaten enough, the caliper is displayed and you need to eat more. If the caliper indicates that the body fat percentage is rising, you need less meal.

Good gym:

Every good gym has a set of calipers and as long as the same person makes measurements every time it gets to be able to get a true reading about exactly what is going on, once you have a total of millimeter numbers and your Gain weight, the graph attached to the caliper, you will see what body fat percentage you show.

Weight (lb):

Figures are not all muscles but include internal organs, bones, etc, but we use figures as muscles for our calculations.

Total fat:

The two numbers you just worked on should keep written down the amount of fat and non-fat in the whole body. When the next measurement is completed, you can see if the body fat percentage has risen. But more importantly, the total amount of fat is the same or lower. Did the fat - free mass go up?

Food intake:

If you do not have enough meals, you can see that a lot of fat-free muscles go down and body fat goes up - not what you want!

Whey protein:

By taking whey, protein uptake can be increased by 60-160 grams per day. This is very time saving and efficient. Your muscles are tired and need to be supplied, so whey after exercise is essential.


Creatine is used by many people all over the world. It is safe, 100% natural and effective.


L-glutamine is an amino acid. 100% natural and safe supplement. It is mainly used for recovery. It is very healthy for your body and can help you recover quickly from hard legs or back workout you had.


From all exercises and stress, vitamins are needed to replenish and rebuild. Always what you need for all bodybuilders:

You have not gained weight.

You gain weight and lose body fat. Follow the instructions in the above rule I was fine at first, but my body fat increased. Please bring your carbohydrate with your last two meals. If body fat falls in two weeks, please increase your carbohydrate.

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