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Bodybuilder Goal Specific Meal Plan

Specific Meal Plan for Bodybuilder
Bodybuilder Goal Specific Meal Plan

Bodybuilder Goal Specific Meal Plan:

How to eat:

Combine your body with multiple small meals and snacks every day to keep your blood sugar levels under control and your metabolism constant and to stimulate new muscle production.

Eliminate high calories:

Eliminate this high-calorie; nutrient-poor food in your life and you will be much more likely to stick.

Deters of antioxidants:

Drink water and calorie-free drinks to keep your gym performance at its peak. Avoid sugary drinks that will fatten your waist and sabotage your body's antioxidant defense systems.

Lean Proteins:

Give your body a protein every couple of hours to maximize muscle growth while burning fat hormones. The best sources include lean meat, chicken and fish; Low-fat dairy products, soy.


Carbohydrates come in two forms with starch, quicker action options such as rice, bread and pasta, which rapidly increase blood sugar; And non-starch carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which are higher in fiber and raise blood sugar gradually.

Proteins and oils:

Protein powder, egg whites, whole eggs (in moderation), white meat, white fish, Greek yogurt, Fruits / Vegetables / Legumes, Tropical fruits, Oily fish or white Fish, Greek yogurt, Fruits / Vegetables / Legumes, Berries, green / stringy, beans (in moderation)

Avocados, nuts / seeds, coconut oil, canola mayonnaise, fat cheeses. Where Training Nutrition is used, it may refer to a shake containing rapidly digestible carbohydrates or a meal that contains them.

Use sparingly; Think of spoons, not spoonfuls. For foods that do not contain starchy carbohydrates, your choices are:


Meets your fat loss goals. Brown rice, quinoa, yams, potatoes, oats, whole meal pasta, bread, cereals, wraps.
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