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After workouts and do not

After workouts and do not
After workouts and do not 
After workouts and do not |

Regular workouts to stay fit and disease is very necessary and workout routine which they avoid diseases are the doctor less. We are constantly trying to build muscle workouts but then manage to ignore several important precautions These diseases harm your body, which may have to ignore the heavy.

1. Stretch - get the workout after workout gain more than anything is to stretch | Complete after workouts to keep your muscles stretch. This not only helps muscles recover and build flexible, but they also have good growth. Your muscles are strengthened. So if you work out every day, be sure to stretch after workouts.

2. Not more cardio - exercise after a 20 to 30-minute cardio if you are then there is no problem but if you do cardio for longer then you may be physical and hormonal problems. Body weight and cardio is good to keep a difference of 5 hours |

3. Empty stomach - before working out the body requires a balanced diet. The body gets tired quickly, empty stomach after workouts your body's muscles and cells to repair nutritious diet is very important. Complete amino acids and carbohydrates are most needed longer than 15-20 minutes after the stomach is empty, and soon many of nutrient-rich diet stomach acid leaves the body, problems remain occurs.

4. Carbohydrates - fasting glucose level in the blood is low. In such a situation to take the energy of the body to burn excess fat instead of muscle protein seems to break to reduced the amount of glucose in the body to increase carbohydrate-rich foods regularly, nutritious meal in which very large,  be the role, potatoes, bread and carbohydrates that occur when blood flow faster. These foods increase insulin levels make stronger sales. Therefore necessary to take carbohydrates after exercise |

5. Why protein - during workouts, plus supplements to a diet and exercise routine is also required, as it lets you get all the nutrients together. Essential amino acids your muscle cells which can not address the rest of the other protein substances | Why protein is digested very quickly | Why protein after exercise is, therefore, important that you must use otherwise failed to make muscles can stay

6. Fat - If you are working out for muscle to fat-rich meals | Carbohydrate and protein-rich foods that you should take are beneficial for your body | Fat-rich food is digested very slow-slow, so we should take less fat diets |

7. Sleep is important - hours’ sleep is as essential to the body | Muscles and nervous system to recover after workouts you must do at least 1 hour. Sit a while and nutritious diet. If you cannot comfortably lift not work. Your workouts will be more effective than gold.
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