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Here's how to increase the hormone testosterone

increase the hormone testosterone
Here's how to increase the hormone testosterone
Here's how to increase the hormone testosterone:

Every man in the hormone testosterone in the body is found. It is found in high levels in men, but in small amounts in women. Testosterone is a hormone primarily mail, which increases sexual stamina and sexual activity in them, along with the results of the blood circulation and muscle concentration, mood and memory is also |

In general, testosterone levels decline with aging observes. However, in men over the age of 30, testosterone levels decline is seeing. The level of testosterone present in the affected individual affects his social behaviors.

Let us know how to increase testosterone: -

Looking lower - If your weight is too much, you may have to face many problems. Much fat in the body, can cause increased levels of testosterone. To increase the level of testosterone is essential to reduce your weight |

Full sleep - you also watch TV late into the night? But you must tell your sleep has an impact on the production of testosterone | How many hours do you sleep has an effect on your testosterone hormone production | Experts night should sleep for at least 7-8 hours of sleep because of testosterone in the body, 70% is generated.

The mineral intake - minerals like zinc and magnesium in the body play a major role in increasing testosterone levels. Thus, so as to maintain high levels of testosterone in men who consumed foods is very important to meet the needs of these minerals in your body.

If for any reason, whether to much stress, your body may develop multiple barriers. When you have too much stress, hormones are secreted in excess amounts in your body. Hormones testosterone in the body to prevent it from moving: Simple and effective techniques like meditation will help you fight stress.

Reduce intake of sweet - sweet eats less, because of the increased sugar levels in the body increases the level of insulin. When you eat sugary testosterone levels in your body is reduced automatically. The secretion of hormones and physical development as low as possible to eat sweet things:

Do not exercise for a long time - several pieces of research proved it every day if you exercise vigorously for 45-75 minutes, then your body may create obstacles to the development of testosterone. Consult a professional trainer while exercising it will benefit you.

High-protein breakfast - eggs, green leafy vegetables and nuts to eat to start your day: Carbohydrate breakfast testosterone levels drop, which are high early in the morning.

Plenty of water - dehydration testosterone level is not good for the slightest | Lack of water in the body, cortisol (stress hormone) levels rise | Therefore, to increase the number of hormones plentiful drink |
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