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How Muscles Grow Larger and Stronger

Muscles Grow Stronger

How Muscles Grow Larger and Stronger
How Muscles Grow Larger and Stronger:

When a muscle grows larger and stronger in response to having a resistance overload placed on it, we say that it has increased in hypertrophy. To understand muscle hypertrophy, you must first understand the structure and function of muscle contraction.

Surface Anatomy:

The structure of the skeletal muscles is called anatomy. In the figures,  you will find the major muscles of a bodybuilders physique identified according to how visible they are when an athlete has achieved a low percentage of body fat.

Each skeletal muscle has a point of origin and point of insertion. According to how a muscle originates and inserts, it moves certain parts of the body in set patterns. For example, the biceps muscle complex originates from the upper surface of the humerus, or upper arm bone. 

And it inserts via a thick tendon to the bones of the forearm. With these unique points of origin and insertion, the biceps muscle contracts primarily to flex the forearm toward the upper arm. It also contracts secondarily to supinate the forearm boned its kinesiology. You will find a comprehensive chart of the kinesiology of your major muscle groups.
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