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How to eat eggs

How to eat eggs
How to eat eggs
How to eat eggs?

A person should take a day or how many eggs at a time, it is very foolish thing that people Nutritionists herself as 20 to 40 or more eggs a day to eat | It is really very wrong thought of their doing so will build more muscle | In fact, they cannot digest it all and 80% food waste out of the body as slips |

So if a person's weight is 70 kilograms 100 grams of total protein needed him all day and at a time more than 20 grams of protein should not | People think that only eggs and protein is the same but incorrect information | It is common knowledge that protein milk, pulses, rice, nuts, leafy vegetables and all sorts of animal foods, but still the main source of protein in the eggs and they are believed to-Powders | Egg - 80 calories in a 50-gram egg, 5 grams fat, 6 grams protein, 0.5 g carbohydrates and 215 mg of the cholesterol | This means that 6 eggs altogether 1,300 mg cholesterol, 36 g protein, which provides that a time is very much needed and it can hardly digest |

Human is both vegetarian | Digestive enzymes in the human stomach, it means that the amino acid profile of the building in such a way to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian protein to full is required | Vegetarian food in the human diet, milk, eggs, meat etc should be proper development of the body and to build | There is no research that eating 20 to 40 eggs are formed | There is some research that according 3 to 4 times a week 2 -3 eggs food fair | Such as micro Ingredients eggs omega fatty acids, HDL is beneficial in achieving etc. | All of these side effects may be a plethora of micro Ingredients |

It is best suited to two to three times a day 2-4 other foods such as eggs, nuts, milk, etc. should | Do not waste money on eating more eggs | Please focus on your diet in which 50% of a year Searle, 20%, pulses, milk and contains 20% meat food | All elements in a full day should focus on eating whole foods |
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