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How to Use Protein and Fats

Protein and Fats for Bodybuilders

How to Use Protein and Fats
What happens in the protein and fat?

Including protein in Moss Genre | Mass Genre usually 22 to 35% protein while the protein powder to supply more than 60% is supplied | Mass Genre calories in protein than | these large amounts Carbohydrate and fat, which promotes your calorie intake | both muscle recovery and is used to build up | good long-term energy supply for the Moss Genre involve none.

What is the benefit for building muscle?

If someone simply not load increases and then he wants to build more muscle mass would be suitable for him Genre | And if a person wants to slow the other benefits that also controls body fat percent, they would be enough protein | Alternatively you Genre both mass and more fat to control the proteins they can use |

What needs protein to fat loss Interested?

If a person already has the appropriate muscle and reducing fat is ready, they will be suitable protein | to reduce the fat all the cardio prevents muscle catabolism.

Are they merely cutting the meat protein is only suitable for short?

Both aspects are justified by cutting proteins and Bulking | This is because the purpose of some Bulking Moss Genre use and some only by the fear of unwanted calories to build muscle proteins are used |

Workout Without protein / Moss Genre takes what is useful?

The purpose of the protein to repair muscle tissue so that muscle recovery and muscle to grow and get stronger | If a person does not work out because recovery is not needed if the body does not store protein, it would be just a waste of money | if he takes Genre mass without exercise muscle in his body rather than fat will rise the wasted money is a way to buy supplements |

What can be taken too much protein?

Liver and kidney function it is necessary to recover the body of work | High protein diet is to take any supplements, it is extremely important that the quantity of water to be taking too much |
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