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Physique Terms

Terms of Physique

Physique Terms
Physique Terms:

Many years ago, a scientist named Sheldon began studying body types (often called somato-types), and he eventually noticed that all men and women can be placed in one of three basic body types or combinations of two basic types. Naturally slender and finely boned individuals are called ectomorphs. Naturally large-boned and frequently obese individuals are called en-domorphs. And between these two extremes are naturally husky and muscular individuals called mesomorphs.

Generally speaking, the best bodybuilders are natural mesomorphs, usually with some shadings of the to-or endomorphism. Still, one of the beauties of bodybuilding is that individuals who are predominantly ectomorphic or endomorphic can still become very massive and muscular bodybuilders. So, you need not feel handicapped if you fall into one of these categories.

Ultimately, a great physique combines these qualities: muscle mass, body symmetry, muscular definition, and vascularity. Muscle mass is the actual size of the skeletal muscles, which has been developed through several years of dedicated overload training.

Body symmetry is the shape or general outline of the various body parts, as though seen in silhouette. Asymmetrical physique has broad shoulders, a torso tapering down to a small waist-hip structure, and generally small joints surrounded by large muscle masses. Symmetry can be developed to a point, but most of it is a result of natural skeletal qualities and muscle insertions.

The muscular definition is the result of a low percentage of body fat, which is achieved through hard bodybuilding training, plenty of aerobics, and a low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diet. When you have plenty of hard muscle mass and a low degree of body fat, you have developed muscle density.

Vascularity is the prominence of veins and arteries over the muscles. The diameter of blood vessels actually increases with consistent heavy training. And the vascular system becomes prominent when your skin is thinned out through stringent pre-contest dieting.
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