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Rest Between Sets

Rest Between Sets
Rest Between Sets

Rest Between Sets:

The Length of Rest Interval:

The object of a rest interval between sets is to allow your body to partially recover its energy reserves for the succeeding set. Under normal situation, you should rest for 60-120 seconds between sets, longer when working large body parts such as thighs, back, and chest, and shorter between other muscle group sets.

With experience, you will learn that you should go to the next set at the point when your breathing returns to normal. But in the first few months of steady bodybuilding training, I would suggest actually timing yourself with a sweep second hand on a clock or watch.

Regardless of what length the rest interval you choose, then three or four minutes between sets, even when you are the power training. Resting too long will cause your body to cool off too much, and you might be more susceptible to injury. Keep moving along, and you’ll remain warmed up, thereby avoiding progress stalling injuries.
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