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Stay healthy, eat Salad

Stay healthy eat Salad

Stay healthy, eat Salad

Stay healthy, eat salad

Sometimes we eat in our homes as well as salads are also served. It also gives strength and stomach is tenuous. It must be our salad we get plenty of foods but not give energy. Chili spice mix salad should not have too much, you will not benefit from eating it. A salad is easy to make and it is beneficial for health. Salad vegetables and fruits contain many health benefits that we in many ways. Maintains and improves digestion fresh salad intake also helps in losing weight. Consumption of raw fruits and vegetables, you feel better. You feel fitter. Your health is good and you can live longer. There are many benefits to eating salads.

Reduced calorie intake:

Salads are low in calories and help you lose weight, good fat such as olive oil and fruits and salads to include a variety of body, lutein and other nutrients helps to absorb.

Salad contains fiber:

Healthy food gives your body more energy and keeps your stomach full longer. Salad increases the amount of fiber in our diet cholesterol and cures constipation problem. Before meals with plenty of high-fiber diets helps you in weight loss.

Canady or Fruit Salads:

If you feel like there is always something sweet to eat, then candy or fruit salads in place of chocolate drink. This wills not only calm your hunger, but the taste will linger in your body and it will also energetic.

Salads are healthy:

Salad vitamins are rich in minerals. These vitamins, immunity, vitamin C, infection, iron absorption, healthy bones, gums and skin diseases, protect, heal wounds and blood are elements such as thickening. In addition, calcium and other nutrients are also lettuce.

From Many diseases prevents salad:

Fiber-rich salad improves digestive health; protect the body from many diseases such as cancer and heart disease does. Raw fruits and vegetables in salads are also in the anti-oxidant. To make the salad more health factors are mixed in a handful of blueberries and walnuts.

Salad good source of calcium:

Deep-colored fruit and vegetables are very useful for health | the darker fruits and vegetables rich in calcium and is found Magnesium. Broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, and other leafy vegetables are good sources of calcium works to increase blood circulation. The abundant folic acid, iron, and calcium are found. Radish vitamin C, sodium and calcium are found.


A cough is out. In addition, the mix of these two bodies in addition to being well detoxifying abundant mineral and vitamin gives.
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