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Strong upper back

Strong upper back

Strong upper back

Strong upper back 


This extra fat in the waist learns to do it the right way. Otherwise, you can enter even the vein is facing terrible pain. For this, you should wear comfortable clothes and your feet on the ground by supporting the body and then to become the horses own arms move up and down. Reduce initially, then increase slightly |

Seated Row Exercise:

Seated back to make wide cannot rule out crying, the back of a seated exercise in which they are at least five variations. Rod used in all different but the way to do the same. That is the exercise which you can donate as much weight. The second feature is that if you exercise it absolutely correctly when the full impact will be on your back. There are few things that will take care of it will benefit 100 per cent.

1 Make a seated position on the machine. If the machine can also sit in the middle of the cable cross machine, the mobilization will have to lay down his legs like that dumbbell. The machine with the legs one by one, two by two dumbbell hanged usually finds a place to lay down the leg.

2 whatever way you want to use the rod. In the beginning, we would recommend using the V Bar.

3 cable weight and time are set at such a height that when you drag the bar to your lower abs, your hand nears the door.

4 legs can bend light. This is important as otherwise, the robot will turn lighter feeling.

5 leaving time to draw breath and sighs leave.

6 Once your lower abs when approaching the second stop, but immediately handed back when pulling away, then there is absolutely stumped stay.

7 must be in control of every movement. Before the body weight would further. The body will then be opened on 99 per cent of the hand. Similarly, the first time when you drag the body weight to the strength of their hands, let's backtrack a bit in the end is.

Bent-over dumbbell rises:

The workout also makes your back to the beautiful and cuts. Additional work on the back-to-workout, but it helps to fix back pain and also makes powerful. Plates can be taken in addition to the hand's dumbbell.

Keep Cast and face up. Feet close together and knees slightly bend will stay.

Keep in mind at the waist with a hump should not be good to keep a little dent.

Cast raise hands while breathing and push slightly toward the floor.

Front Sight will continue to move up the dumbbell half second pause, and then control how much weight to bring down.

Bringing up the weights to give breath to breathe and move down to fill. Keep in mind the big game to bring down the weight. Wet down will not come you | you bring him down in full control.

By the way, your hands were up, in the same way, come back.

Do not stop after the dumbbell down, to control your entire body, and then the next rap Find Place.

Cast down your little up will give the Hon-en | There is no need to be too rigidly |

Lat pull-down back

The exercise machine is on | the following points should be considered when doing exercise: -

1. Cuts you remove a set and three sets of 12 to 15 and keep rap.

2. Once you have a handheld handle movement must be at least 15.

3. Leave time to breathe and exhale the breath while the handle is pulled.

4. Otherwise, you will be quickly exhausted open hand not complete.

5. Handle or T-shirt from the collar to the bottom of his neck after to have to take up.

6. Open the hand Try to keep the elbows slightly inward from the back and will pull him towards the good. Keep in mind this exercise will concentrate on the movement. When you get back only if their shape makes muscles shrink:

Swiss top-Raise Ball:

Lie flat on the ground and keep the feet on the floor. Keep your back straight and place the ball on the chest. Now your palms back and forth from the ground when doing a concentrated activity, at 30 ° keep your body. To do this 10 times, it will be flexibility in the waist.

Back Extension:

Back extensions strengthen the muscles of the spine and help | Lie flat on your face on it the first to be |

Keep your legs and hips at the same distance, and both arms, palms pointed to the ground, placed as shown in the photo | Head, and neck in a neutral position held | Now your upper body (shoulders and chest) and take up a few inches from the ground and slowly go down and come back |

Keep in mind this is a very small activity | As much as you can move easily and equally naturally rise above |

The Big Cry:

This exercise works the shoulders and middle back muscles | Take it light weight and your knees and hips bend to dumbbells |

And then moved down to the torso parallel to the ground will not be | Weight down a bit and hang it back and shoulders and drag and stayed for a couple seconds | Next dumbbells his torso and taken to a side of the spine and stretch your shoulder blades | Repeat this exercise at least 20 times |
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