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Types of Breathing Patterns

Breathing Patterns

Types of Breathing Patterns
Types of Breathing Patterns

Breathing Patterns:

The only hard and fast rule about breathing during a set is: do not hold your breath. If you hold your breath while exerting under a heavy load, the flow of blood to and from your brain can be inhibited. This is called the Valsalva effect or Valsalva maneuver, and it can cause you to faint for a few seconds.

I don’t think I need to tell you how disastrous it could be if you passed out with a heavy barbell partway up in a bench press. When you’re lying on your back in a very vulnerable position, the bar can crash down across your face or, more crucially, across your exposed throat. There are several recorded instances of bodybuilder—some of them very experienced men—who have been killed when bench pressing alone, simply because they held their breath while exerting against the weight.

You won’t get hurt only on bench presses when you pass out, however, I know of one case in which a young bodybuilder held his breath while doing overhead barbell presses, incurring nearly $5,000 worth of facial damage when he fell nose first against a dumbbell rack, the bar crashing against the back of his head in this position.

So, you don’t want to hold your breath when you exert. But is it best to inhale as you exert against the weight or to inhale as you return from the top position of an exercise back to the starting point? Most of the best bodybuilders prefer to inhale as they lower the weight and exhale as they raise it. So if you feel you need a rule for when to breathe on each repetition, use this one: bar up, inhale; bar down, exhale.

You’ll undoubtedly find that breathing becomes automatic after only a couple of workouts. You will need to think about it only for the first week or so of your bodybuilding training. After you will be able to do it automatically, without thinking about the mechanics of breathing in and out. 
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