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Types of Exercise

Exercise kinds
Types of Exercise

Types of Exercise:        

You have probably already heard of aerobic exercise, which is long-lasting, low-intensity movement done within the body’s limited ability to provide oxygen to the working muscles at a rate at least as high as the exercise itself demands. In other words, aerobic exercise is something like bicycling or running during which you do not build up such an oxygen debt that you become breathless enough to the forced to terminate the activity.

The type of high-intensity exercise (such as weight training and sprinting) that builds up an appreciable oxygen debt is called anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise normally burns body fat to meet its energy needs, so it is often used by competitive bodybuilders to lower their body fat levels close to a major championship. In contrast, anaerobic exercise generally burns muscle sugar (glycogen) to meet its energy requirements.

While it is generally considered to be an aerobic exercise, a hard bodybuilding workout does provide significant aerobic fitness. And there is a type of weight training called circuit training that is specifically aerobic in nature.
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