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What is Bodybuilding

how to bodybuilding

What is Bodybuilding?

Weight training is an umbrella term for the general activity of training with resistance equipment. This equipment can be either free weights (barbells, dumbbells, and related equipment's) or exercise machines, which provide the working muscles with a resistance overload. 

When a skeletal muscle is stressed with a resistance overload, it responds by increasing in hyperirophy (an improvement of strength, tone, and mass of the muscle group).

1.     You can train with weights to accomplish the following varied objectives:

2.     Improve health and physical fitness.

3.     Increase strength and physical conditioning to improve sports performance.

4.     Reshape the body by building up or trimming down selected parts of the body.

5.     Rehabilitate a part of the body that has been weakened by an injury.

6.  Compare in weightlifting or powerlifting to compare strength levels against other lifters.

7.  Use heavy training, diet, and aerobics to create a physique for the bodybuilding competition.
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