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What to Eat to make good body?

What to Eat for body
What to Eat to make good body?
What to Eat to make good body?

Today bodybuilding craze looks very fast growing child and what the old, which can be out for hours in the gym sweating it is only by going to the gym is not going to sweat some. Bodybuilding is all about beyond the penalty and milk. If you want a good body, full of protein and nutrients to the diet should assume | bodybuilding you sugar, carbs and fat food will be stayed |

Bodybuilding hobbyists this article will give you information such that regular eating your body will be soon. Eat a diet so that your body became, the stronger the energy received | There are roughly three parts of body building exercise, diet and rest |

Good body to make you select good gym where you can exercise under trainer |

Exercise alone will not make your body as long as you take good Diet |

After putting so much time in the gym, your body feels tired, it relaxes your body needs | Sleep is very important during workouts |

You know it must be good for the body, whether the food is, by adopting the following diet can make you good body |


 Nothing could be better than eggs for bodybuilding | 6 to 8 grams of protein per each egg and 0 percent fat content is always boil the food in one day to make 5 -6 need to eat eggs found in the protein helps build muscle | protein as well as calcium, iron and zinc is found in eggs |


Fish actually build muscle and reduce fat helps to | your muscles to increase the mono saturated fat are required. When the body gets all the workouts burn fat stored in the body, such as mono-saturated fats in the body, increases energy:


Oates carbohydrates, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins is the perfect blend and are very healthy for the body | eat oats to improve the process of catabolism. Fat in food do not mix it with the body and also help to increase muscle |


Almond snacks are considered very well for body building. It has a lot of amino acids that are useful in creating muscle.

Cottage cheese

More protein is found in cheese | It is not fat at all, so it is good for body building. Thing in protein, calcium and vitamin B12, which is helpful in making our weak bones strong odds, derived from milk protein. So use plenty of things to do that make body building.


Iron, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, chromium, vitamin A and C have been found useful for the body | It contains vitamin C, which slows down quickly in the body cells and increases the body's immunity.


Thymine in bananas, niacin and folic acid and B vitamins as it is present in sufficient quantity. Bananas are considered a good source of energy. With 64.3 percent of the amount of water, protein 1.3 percent, 24.7 percent carbohydrates and fat is 8.3 percent.

Green tea

The best part is that it raises the good bacteria in the body of the Body Builders Immune system is robust and diseases are overcome.
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