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What to Wear

Proper Wear
What to Wear
What to Wear:

You should always wear the appropriate clothing for the climate in which you are working out. In sunny southern climes, you can probably just train in shorts and perhaps a tank to or T-shirts. But as you go north or approach winter you should bundle up more and more, until at a maximum you might wear three or four layers of T-shirts, leg tights, and warm-up suits.

It’s always best to wear several thin layers of clothing rather than only one thick one. Multiple thin layers are actually warmer than one thick layer of clothing, and you can take off thin layers as you get warmed up.

One item of clothing you should always wear is shoes. They both protect your feet from compression injuries and add to body stability when you are doing exercises in a standing position. I always recommend a good pair of running shoes for use in bodybuilding workouts. They have excellent built-in arch supports, as well as tread that helps your feet stick to a toe board when you are working calves. Running shoes range in price from about $30 to more than $100.
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