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Where to Work Out

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Where to Work Out
Where to Work Out:

With the tremendous surge of popularity for weight training and bodybuilding, a majority of individuals taking up the sport do their first workouts in a commercial gym or health spa. But this wasn’t true in the past when there were fat fewer gyms with superior equipment. A large majority of current and past superstar bodybuilders began working out at home in a basement, garage, or bedroom, moving on to commercial gyms only after winning a few titles. Often the top people would move to Los Angeles in order to train at the great gyms that have always been a part of the southern California lifestyle.

I still think that it is a good practice to start bodybuilding in a home gym, particularly if you are not initially in good physical condition and feel that you might be intimidated by the muscular types found in commercial gyms. You will have perfect privacy in a home gym and can workout at any time of the day or night since you are not limited by the set hours gyms are open script.

If you can spend a few bucks setting up a home gym, you will also save on gym dues, which must be paid on a regular basis at a commercial bodybuilding gym. For 300$ to 500$, you can equip a home gym sufficiently to put in some Olympian workouts, and your outlay is a one-time expense.

After a year or two of steady, progressively heavier training, you might find you need a wider variety of equipment in order to juice up your workouts. In this case, you will probably want to join a larger commercial gym like Gold’s Gym, World Gym, or Powerhouse Gym. Dues for these facilities range from $200 to $300 per year, but the top men normally are allowed to work out free since they are a good advertising vehicle for most gym owners.

At the best commercial gyms, you will find all of the equipment you’ll ever need in order to become a champion. Many of them have fixed dumbbells in 5-pound jumps up to over 150 pounds, for example, and very few men are strong enough to do any type of exercise with that much weight in each hand.

You will also find a great deal of camaraderie in the best gyms. At some health spas, bodybuilders are treated almost like freaks, while you’ll be among your own kind at a gym like Gold’s or World in Venice, California.

Occasionally you will find a school or YMCA that has a well-equipped bodybuilding gym. In this case, if you are either enrolled in school or have YMCA membership card, you can work out very heavily in the gym for a much lower cost than at a commercial gym.

Should you have access to several good gyms in your area, I suggest taking one or two workouts at each one during peak attendance hours (usually 3:00 to 7:00 P.M.) in order to determine which one has the best equipment and atmosphere before deciding on the gym you want to join. You might even decide to join more than one gym, like a lot of the bigger guys in L.A.I. know plenty of top champs who train their upper bodies at Gold’s and their legs at World Gym.
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