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Why - Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low Carbohydrate Diet
Why - Low Carbohydrate Diet
Why - Low Carbohydrate Diet:

A low-carb diet is a diet plan to lose weight by limiting the content of carbohydrates in your diet to encourage people. Protein in your diet, the fat comes from fat and carbohydrates you eat. Carb foods which controls, the starchy and sugary (both natural and refined sugar) foods such as bread, pasta, rice, corn, dessert, fruit, and vegetables: Low-carb diet are encouraged to eat high protein foods such as milk, eggs and cheese and cheese, and high-carbohydrate foods, including fruits and cereals.

Low Carb Diet Benefits of Taking:

Low-carb diets appear to be effective in promoting weight loss, weight loss, in addition to low-carb helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

Excess of anything, including proteins and carbohydrates give you extra calories and the extra calories turn into fat stored in the body and lead to weight gain and obesity are the result.

Means of obtaining energy:

Direct measure of carbohydrates to get energy because energy is only required to run the body and the high carbohydrate medium | When you eat a gram calories, then you get 4 | Glucose by the body's energy intake and body converts carbohydrates into glucose so that it can be used |

Keep away heart diseases:

Eating low carbohydrate-rich foods to get rid of Heal | Diseases of the heart to remove foods with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, such as bran, barley etc to the intake of these fiber-rich carbohydrates, which provide energy to your body |

Hemorrhoids diseases:

Carbohydrates is necessary for patients with hemorrhoids because it really helps to control the level of glucose | So that the intake of fiber-rich diet to control blood sugar in your |

Low Carb Diet to take over the loss:

Low carb diet or gastrointestinal after taking over approximately 12 to 15 percent of diarrhea, vomiting, constipation and abdominal pain-related complications such as stomach complain.

Low-carbohydrate diet lever long making non-alcoholic fatty liver disease also are at risk. This is because the liver to produce glucose from fat and protein thereby increasing the risk of ammonia.

The horizon of vitamins and nutrients to the diet of the person taking the calcium, magnesium and amino acid levels may be low. Also, vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiency may occur.

Electrolyte from the diet can lead to loss of electrolyte causing muscle spasms and fatigue may occur.

Why is it important for brain carbohydrates?

Our brain continues to function 24 hours a neuron present time electric signals to send and receive millions live, even when you are asleep. So these are all things that require glucose for the brain that acts as fuel. Remember, 50% of your body's glucose used by the brain is just. So the kids to school are advised to eat carbohydrate-rich items. The same thing applies to adults, so carbohydrates are essential for our brain.

A number of carbohydrates in a day is this important?

A number of carbohydrates are important for any individual to his length, weight, sex and depends on his ability to work. Truly a normal human brain and other organs running smoothly require approximately 130 grams of carbohydrates. However, to some, may even need 130 to 300 grams, depending on his own needs. Carbohydrate-rich things, try to keep in mind when choosing brown rice, wheat, jawar, bajra, ragi, pulses, and oats take these things more. Refined Carbohydrate things such as sweets, bakery items, do not eat white pasta.

Here we are told that this diet plan you will easily get 130 grams of carbohydrates.

Brown bread 2 - 30 g
1 fruit (orange or apple) - 10 g
1 cup milk - 10 grams
4 medium size chapati (2 lunches and 2 dinners) - 80 grams
1 medium-sized potato - 20 grams
1 small bowl of rice - 20 g
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