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Working Out

how to working out

Working Out
Working Out:

When you are doing a weight exercise such as a bench press, you are engaging in a workout or training session. An exercise is also frequently called a movement.

Each complete full cycle of an exercise (such as bending your knees fully to sink down into a squatting position with a barbell across your shoulders, then straightening your legs to return to the starting point) is called a repetition, on rep.  A group of repetitions (usually in the range of 5-15 for bodybuilding purpose) is called s set.  Most of the time you will do multiple sets of each movement with rest intervals lasting one to two minutes between sets.

The full accumulation of exercises, sets, and reps performed during a workout is called a routine, program, or training schedule. More often than not, a routine refers to the written training schedule as it appears in a book, magazine article, or training diary.

There are two type o exercises used when working out in a gym. The first type of movement is called a basic exercise, and it works one or moves large muscle groups in conjunction with other, smaller muscle groups. In contrast, an isolation exercise is a movement that stresses a single muscle complex (and often only a specific part of the body part) in relative isolation from the rest of the body.

When you perform several sets for a particular muscle group, your muscles become congested with blood, which is shunted into the area to remove carbon dioxide and other fatigue by-products and replace them with oxygen and glycogen. This pleasant, tight feeling in the muscle called a pump, and for a couple of hours after a workout, you will find that the pump makes a muscle group appear slightly larger than normal.
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