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Best Secret More Eggs more Muscles

More Eggs more Muscles
Best Secret More Eggs more Muscles

Best Secret More Eggs more Muscles?

It is a common belief that more eggs are more than the muscles. It is not true that the muscles are made only by eating eggs. I have seen so many diet plans which are supported by champions eating 2 to 3 dozen eggs a day.

But this is only a waste of money. At one time a person with an average weight of 70 kilograms needs 25 to 30 grams of protein. Only 30 grams of protein is easily digested at one time and if the amount of protein is more than 30 grams then it is not digested and goes in vain for the body.

Eggs are the best source of protein and they provide complete amino acids. A simple egg provides approximately 5 to 6 grams of protein; the white part of the same egg provides 4 to 5 g protein.

Yellow egg contains one and a half grams of protein. As mentioned above, a person cannot burn more than 30 grams of protein, and these 30 grams of protein contains not only protein obtained from eggs but also proteins derived from various means. Therefore eating eggs more than 5 or 6 eggs at one time is only a waste of food. Taking 15 to 20 eggs in one go is like uttering stupidity and wasting the proper protein.

Proteins are digested in the presence of hydrochloric acid and proteolytic enzymes in our stomach, where digestive enzymes are extracted in a limited amount by our physical system and they have the special ability to digest the right amount of protein present in food.

Digestive enzymes have digested amino acids and digested amino acids are absorbed and absorbed by the intestine. If any quantity of food like eggs, meat, rice, wheat etc. is higher than digestion capacity, then the protein will not go and will go waste in the form of stool.

So if your weight is around 60 kg then 2 to 3 eggs and if your weight is around 75 kg, then people with 4 to 5 eggs and 90 kilograms should take 5 to 7 eggs at one time and their intake will be 2 in a day Should do 3 times. But make sure that your body has a fair level of muscle level and fat. Keep in mind that the muscles need protein and energy and not fat.
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