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Bodybuilders Bone Structure

Bodybuilders Bone Structure:

Differences between a short and long torso, and short and long arms: By using a tape measure and the assistance of a lifting buddy, you can measure which dead lift style might be best for you.

Measure the length of your torso starting at the greater trochanter to the top of your head. The greater trochanter is the bony protrusion at the top of your thigh. This measurement should be taken vertically, and not at an angle.

Measure your arm length starting at the bony part located at the top of the shoulder, to the end of the tip of your middle finger. Make sure your arm is straight when taking the measurement.

The deadlift is a potent muscle and strength building exercise second only to squats. There are two primary deadlift variations: 

Conventional deadlift: A conventional deadlift is performed with your feet approximately shoulder width apart. Sumo stance deadlift: A sumo stance deadlift is performed with a very wide foot stance.

In muscle building workouts, deadlifts are generally placed in back workouts (on back days). Deadlifts heavily tax the traps, upper back, lower back, abs, as well as the hamstrings, hips, glutes, quads and forearms. In fact, there are very few muscle groups not impacted by the dead lift.

Inexperienced lifters often view the dead-lift as a standing leg press while holding a barbell. Attempting to perform the dead-lift in this manner as a leg exercise is an incorrect approach and will lead to poor dead lifts form and the possibility of lower back injuries.

Proper Dead-lifts Form and Set Up:

It is rare to see beginning lifters practicing proper deadlifts form. Far too many trainees perform the lift at a mechanical disadvantage, trying to lift the bar with their hips up. This resembles a Romanian deadlift or stiff-leg deadlift and is hard on the lower back.
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