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Bodybuilding Protein Mania

Protein Mania
Bodybuilding Protein Mania

Bodybuilding Protein Mania

Have you ever thought that when a small child is born then in the first year, we increase our weight by 3 to 4 times?

This means that in this one year, how fast their bones, muscles, baby fat and other body parts increase.

If we carefully see what the child ate in this one year. Most mothers give their milk 60 to 80 percent of their milk and give other dose-like doses around 20 to 30 percent.

Let's see what happens to mother's milk?

For the first week in mother's milk, 5.3 percent of Cobroids, 2.9 percent fat and 3.7 percent protein, 6.30 to 7.30 percent of the carbohydrate, and one hundred percent due to colostrum.

Am Al milk provides 60 to 75 kg calories.

Its main concern is that if the mother's milk is dried and 100 grams of milk powder will contain 10 percent protein, 30 percent fat and 60 percent of carbohydrates.

As the child grows in the growth of the body, the conclusion is that the body does not need 10 to 15 percent protein. The same is suggested by the World Health Organization and American RDA.

If we think that we have to use our body in different functioning, exercise, then we may need 15 to 20 percent protein then it can understand something but need 30 to 40 percent protein. Are. If we do this then there will be different types of side effects in the body.

Excessive proteins can cause various disorders in our body such as constipation, various diseases of our intestines, toxemia, amniotic de-friction, joints etc. Pain, early aging, liver dysfunction, kidney failure, osteoporosis, cancer and heart diseases, brain Diseases like Disease can suffer from various diseases.

Therefore, we should eat our diet based on natural nature and supplements are very good, which are more and more natural, and the quantity or percentage of their protein should not be more than 20 to 35 percent so that when we give them milk, juice Or by putting it in water, then the percentage of protein remains according to the needs of our body. 

This is the proven advantage of supplements that their proteins are obtained from natural foods and they are made in a clean, clean environment. So before taking supplements, be sure that the company that makes them is a certified and reliable company.
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