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Bodybuilding Stretching

Stretching Perfect way
Stretching Perfect way for Bodybuilders
Stretching Perfect way for Bodybuilders:

Stretching routine:

We need a routine for a warm-up routine, routine, weight lifting and stretching? It is a routine that you spread it simply, you are integrated into your schedule if you do not do any more opportunities because any bodybuilder us to be consistent with the will.

Stretching before a workout:

Pulling a lot of controversy these days about the exercise. True, a bodybuilder some light stretching before a workout will not be a huge difference. But if you remember the scale mentioned before stretching?

Before a workout, to get a player or a maximum muscle building environment for a bodybuilder, or maximum power concentration thief, fell near the scale of that in the middle of the healthy muscle we want to be.

If you stretch too much you will hurt the performance of the muscles in a contracted position.

However, sometimes a piece can be very beneficial. If a piece of a muscle is tight enough that it can loosen up in a healthy condition.

Finally, before a workout does not have to pump as much blood as there are muscles after a workout, which could be due to pain or injury.

Stretching after a workout:

Direct is the best time to stretch after a workout. You will not have to worry about transporting potentially hurt performance. In addition, the muscles are too tight after a workout.

Finally, muscular, pumped with blood and oxygen are giving them a better range of motion.

Stretching after a workout while you will prevent any adverse effects will be of great benefit.

Stretches for each muscle group:

Stretching a muscle caused by an anti-muscle pull. After a practice, or negative phase of the long leg, the muscles are stretched fully.

Therefore, a good stretch for any muscle is resting on an end of an exercise. For example, after you set up the bridge, just hanging there, and well, you will stretch out your back and biceps.

So do not lend themselves to the stretching exercises. You'll want to get squashed by an iron for 60 seconds in a sitting position yourself?

I know I would be more concerned about the persistence of de facto standard in the balance. I will save it some simple stretches for each muscle.

Quadriceps Stretch:

With lying on stomach with legs together, is to reach back and pull slowly until you feel a stretch from the hips to the ankles. Hold for 30 seconds or more. Repeat with other ankle.

Put one foot on a high bar and lock out your leg. Then try to touch your head to your knees. Making it very effective, stretched a hamstring in pairs.

Calf Stretch:

Get the edge on a machine in the gym where you can go down to the heel where possible. Lean forward and stretch the limits. You'll really feel it!

Kick flexibility:

Hang from a pull-up bar with straps for 60 seconds. Very easy and safe. Try to catch up to the full development of! Another thing I like to do is holding on the edge of a doorknob or a machine and covers a damn piece of my body twists later.
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