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Causes Of Palumboism

Causes Of Palumboism

Causes Of Palumboism: 

There are many other recent bodybuilders who may experience the fall to Palumboism who are not mentioned above. Whatever the cause of this relatively recent phenomenon in bodybuilding, we can’t write off the amount of hard work and dedication in and out of the gym that these men put into their physiques. We just have to remember that all greats in the sport of bodybuilding will meet their end sooner or later…

It is not fully known what causes the disease, although it is speculated that a genetic predisposition combined with an over-reliance on high and never-ending doses of various anabolic drugs accompanied by a gradual 'shut down' or mutation of the patient's own endogenous endocrine system possibly awakening dormant crop-Magn ones Que genes are causative factors. Although Palumboism shares some symptoms with Acromegaly it should not be confused due to the additional conditions described above when making a diagnosis.

A particularly spectacular symptom used to confirm the diagnosis is disproportionally small limbs on the otherwise gigantic upper body. This is first observed in the upper limbs, where the arms seem to remain in a catabolic shrinking state compared to the torso whose internal structures are growing out of control in all directions. The reasons for this are not yet understood. The quadriceps muscles of the legs also seem to be ever shrinking.

There may also be a high level of vascular distension which never seems to go away in the patient; this will often result in veins having a 'worn out' appearance. Perhaps the most unusual and distressing issue is that the patient seems totally unaware of what is happening to him. Post mortem examination of patients sometimes reveals large quantities of a foreign oil-like substance in the biceps and anterior deltoid muscle heads.

What is Palumboism

The condition is first characterized by the sudden development of an enormous midsection whereby the entire width of the trunk, ribcage, and pelvis grows disproportionately whilst the oblique muscles will thicken rapidly and the abdomen will become distended with the patient unable to hold in their stomach. In advanced Palumboism the outer dermis takes on a crackly brittle look, almost as if the patient has been glazed or varnished like a ceramic souvenir. The color of the skin will become uneven displaying varying hues and shades from gray to bright orange throughout the entire body, whilst the skin may appear weathered and abnormally aged.

Iron Affinity

Palumboism is an affliction of the extreme atrophy of muscles particularly the limbs- after an extended period of time on excessive AAS and GH. The term is also often associated with the irregular distribution of fat on the body called lipodystrophy.  

Palumbo with a massive gut, big waistline, shrunken pectorals and atrophied limbs; definitely far from the pleasing physique that we had seen in his earlier years: I feel it is important to mention that no studies have been done on Palumboism and its actual causes are technically unknown.  Most of the information about the condition is purely speculation gathered from the bodybuilding community.  However, we do know that the affliction has not always destroyed the physiques of bodybuilders.  

Well, one difference is that today, GH has helped bodybuilders reach the enormous size that they are able to obtain, while another major factor is insulin use. These two things coupled with an immense amount of food have allowed for a huge increase in the size of today’s bodybuilding athletes.

Regular User of vegetables can get rid of Palumboism or Palumbism:


It's live and active cultures help quash gas production by upping the good bacteria in your gut and there’s no need to pay more for types labeled probiotic.


Bran’s fiber isn’t digested by the body, so don’t eat too much. If you want to increase your intake, drink lots of water it helps fiber move through your system.

Fennel or chamomile tea

A cup after a high-fiber meal can aid digestion.


Asparagus and cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli contain indigestible sugars that can cause gas. Avoid eating them with fatty foods, which may slow digestion.


Rosemary, bay leaf, and ginger can help break down the indigestible sugars of cruciferous vegetables and beans. Add while cooking to reduce gas and bloat.


Legumes’ notorious reputation comes courtesy of those same indigestible sugars as those found in cruciferous veggies. Cut down on them by soaking dried beans for at least eight hours before cooking, and by rinsing canned ones.

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There is no known cure for Palumboism, as long as the patient remains on his drug regimen there is a little comfort and the condition will continue to deteriorate. Promptly discontinuing drug use may halt further development of the condition although it cannot be fully reversed.
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