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During Bodybuilding Training and Avoid Travel

During Training and Avoid Travel
During Bodybuilding Training and Avoid Travel
During Bodybuilding Training and Avoid Travel

As bodybuilding lifestyle before you travel

As a health writer at my job requires a lot of travel. I have to maintain your bodybuilding lifestyle during their visits; have to make so many can avoid missing meals and workouts in preparations that are there. Here are my tips on what you can do to maintain your bodybuilding lifestyle as you travel.

During the planning and preparation for train travel

The key to a bodybuilding program during the trip planning and preparation.

If followed, the items with a list of plans and actions that will prepare simple process you will provide.

Bodybuilding Training while traveling

Before you go to your next trip, make sure you have a place to work out. The following steps will help you with your planning:

Hotels that you are going to live in a set of at least a small fitness facility or dumbbells if you find out. Hotel Call and see as far as your fitness equipment. Please collect as much information as possible. Most of the time, but most hotels are equipped with stationary bikes and above all a "universal type" weight machine.

Hotels plan is not suitable for detecting a fitness facility, then the location of the nearest gym and work out from there. Hotel internet is a great way to find out what will be on or close you can also ask your customer service person on the phone from the hotel to lead in the right direction. 

I look at the gym list once, until this renowned series, you have to call and consult daily rate, pray for the operation and equipment of the times, though. If you are living in five days, as opposed to also ask for an every day, every day is a special rate for only a week. In this way, you save some money.

Take some exercise bands, which is better than not with some twist of fate (hard to believe) area there are no fitness facilities, you. In this case, you will do a variety of routine maintenance which includes the following ways to distribute the following exercises:

In bodybuilding routine trip:
Workout (A) - upper body

Set # 1

Push up
Rows with Bands
Lack of

Set # 2

Born with lateral band
The curls with bands
Close-grip push-ups

Exercises (B) - the body / ABS

Set # 1

(Closed stance squats) with no weight
(Medium stance squats) with no weight
Squats with (wide stance) with no weight

Set # 2

With no weight lunges (W / heels pressing)
Legged calf born with a weight
Leg raises

You exercise (A) a day and exercise (B) every day in your room the next day by alternating between using 5 sets of as many reps as possible in each exercise will perform this routine. In between will be sufficient to recover a muscle you can ask. The answer is yes because of the fact that you are not lifting heavy weights.

After two exercises with no rest in between sets are three sets of each exercise, which demonstrate a performance. After three exercises have been performed, the circuit fashion when you have to take 1 minute to more pronounced cardiovascular effects and start again, or, and a speed workout, all 5 sets you can keep performing the exercises. Once you're finished with the setup # 1 you can move on to set # 2. You can rest 60 seconds between the time that you start with the second one to three sets # 1 and # 2 or just a rest.

If you perform routines in circuit fashion without rest, you can get away without doing extra cardiovascular exercise.

Avoid traveling home

This is the most challenging part of being a bodybuilder trip by far. That measures are taken to ensure that I do not remember eating below.

This ensures that the hotel choice, a choice that has a refrigerator in the room that gives access to a microwave.

Find out where you are in the grocery stores so you can settle down as they go grocery shopping. While you are there make sure you get plenty of Ziploc bags.

You jump on the plane carrying a book bag full of chicken individually sealed Ziploc bag with you this day. For carbohydrates, you can prepare bags of brown rice as well. I also do it with a big all my bags and my individual small Ziploc bag of brown rice protein.
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