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Experts Secrets To Eat Such Food

 Eat Such Food
Experts Secrets To Eat Such Food
Experts Secrets To Eat Such Food

Food is also an unwavering routine in itself. It is difficult to cut one or two even without it. Our body is a continuous non-lifting energy furnace. It should be constantly consumed in the form of dose and for the growth in the body. 

Elements such as protein are very important carbohydrate gives energy, protein creates muscle mass and fat becomes fat and becomes an energy store in the body. I this whole cycle continues without stopping for twenty-four hours, seven days continuously.

This health cycle stops only when there is no problem in the proportion of any food items. If there is any change in the proportion and quantity of these allied elements then our bodies do not work completely, Fat increases and body muscles decrease.

It is an unbreakable fact that even after eating a little more food, it goes out within two and a half hours in the intestines, either the dose becomes digested or goes down without digging.

If we have a chapatti little pulse, If you eat vegetables and a little salad then it will slowly go down from the mouth and go down slowly towards the intestines, whereas if we eat four to five roti and more lentils, then it will go from the mouth early to the bottom and then from the bottom

The stomach will freeze soon. By doing this, the dose will be less digested and the stomach will evacuate as soon as possible, and all the food of Sara will get out of the poison and we will be deprived of the constant energy.

That is why we should take a balanced diet three or four hours a little bit and eat it thinking that we are eating for the next three to four hours, or for tomorrow, there are many people who marry in this way in marriage This is the last chance of life and is probably not going to return.

That's why we should eat so much that we have enough for the next three to four hours. On average, men 80 kg should eat 2400 calories in 24 hours, while 100 calories per hour or 300-400 in every 3-4 hours Calories.

For this, we should eat every dose of balanced carbon, protein, and fat without changing the tiny smile as from morning to evening and not be hungry for long. I will gradually increase your muscles and reduce body fat. I, if you exercise continuously, such a way of eating, will increase your health continuously and you will become stronger and stronger than before.
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