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How much Chapati or Rice Eat

How much Chapatti or Rice Eat
How much Chapatti or Rice Eat
How much Chapati or Rice Eat?

Not only sportsmen, ordinary adherents should also think about how much they eat, before eating chapatti or rice. Chapatti or rice provide carbohydrate and proteins to the body whose energy strength is equivalent to 4 grams of wheat or wheat, if your chapatti is 40-50 grams, it gives you 160 to 200 calorie energy. If you eat 4 chapattis at one time then you get 650 calories to 700 calories only with Chapatti.

Similarly if you eat 150 grams of dry rice at one time then you get 600 calories. So if you eat 150 grams of dough at one time you get 600 calories. Accordingly, if we eat only three meals a day, and you eat 10 chapatti or 400 grams of rice in all days, then you get an estimated 1600 calories. If you eat more than 10 chapatti all day, then how many calories we are eating.

If your weight is 70 kg then you have around 2200-2400 calories all day and if your weight is 60 kg then around 1800-2000 calories should be required.

If you eat according to the above given above and also eat other doses of other doses such as milk, yogurt, ghee, ghee, fruits, eggs, meat etc. In this way many people eat more than twice the requirement of their calories or eat three times. By doing so, most of the doses remain undaunted and go out in defecation. If the cushion is also digested, then it gets stored in fat.

My writing of this article means that as much as we will eat, the less digestible and the very expensive dosage you give to the gutter. So do not eat more than one or two chapatti at one time and if possible, leave it to eat 6-8 times a day, and then eat it completely, then the food will be completely digested, therefore the body will get constant energy and the fat accumulation is not equal to Will remain.

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