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How to Hang Clean and Press

Hang Clean and Press
How to Hang Clean and Press
How to Hang Clean and Press:

Possibly the best shoulder exercise ever invented.

Weight in a standing position, with your back against your thighs to position the flat and dead lifts, while holding up her chin.

From the starting position, you should lose weight down to just above your knees bending at the knees and waist.

To perform the hang clean, you have a ¾ right to bring increase your ankles to your knees and moves flakes, and in a straight line in front of the body until it reaches your shoulders row must perform.

Here, under the weight facing upward, rotate your elbows and arms to catch in front of your shoulders with palms. I can help with knees slightly bent catch. The thighs then back down to the bottom and down again on his shoulders.
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