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How to Increase Muscle Weight

Increase Muscle Weight
How to Increase Muscle Weight
How to Increase Muscle Weight.

To increase the bodybuilding level of Gaining, increase your weight by 10 to 15 kilos, and reduce it later to your old weight.

These sequences are very popular. And in the bodybuilder of the season participating in the Competition, very expensive supplements, stacks supplements, hormones, medicines, etc. are used to lower your body.

This large weight increases 60% fat 40% muscle. And the body gets blown like a dungeon. Muscle clarity is not visible. Body fat grows 4 -5%. Along with increasing weight, strength increases and more weight can be raised in every set.

Giving back bodybuilders 3 months before competition, they start working hard and light training like working labs in Kitting gun. 2 to 3 hours

The exercise is done very often in more sets and more reps twice a day, with long cardio training. With this, protein is increased by decreasing carbohydrate and fat in the dose. Above all, dangerous steroids and thermogenic products and expensive supplements are eaten.

After doing all this, weight gets reduced, due to hard work as laborers and due to lack of reason. And strength and size decrease, about 3 to 4% of fat decreases.

The body looks a bit smiling. By doing this, if 10 kg weight is reduced, then it is sure that it contains 6 kg of muscle and 4 kg fat. And the person's body becomes like what was the previous year. But there is no major benefit in the past.

It turned out to be a reminder that the dose and supplements of such a lot of money were useless and unnecessarily increased weight was reduced to wages and hunger and got it? Nothing. The body remains the same year as Vesa. Looks a lot of improvement.

If you have to be good beforehand, then at all times, gradually make yourself bigger and more muscular in size and do not overpower it. And do not waste your time and money on gaining.

Bodybuilding is not to be big and heavy, But It is to Be Lighter, Bigger and Muscular.
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