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How to Reduce Stomach Fat

Reduce Stomach Fat
How to Reduce Stomach Fat
How to Reduce Stomach Fat?

Abdominal exercises

In today's age, men or women, everyone wants to be fit. People go to the gym to look fit and take many ways. Their diet plays an important role in keeping people healthy and fit.

Physical activity of the people is decreasing day by day, due to which calorie intake is converted into fat and appears in parts around your abdomen. Often people are engaged in losing weight, but most of the problems that occur are removing the fat around the stomach.

Keeping the fat on the stomach completely takes time, so keep your control on your diet; otherwise the fat can come back again. You will tell about some of the exercises from which you can reduce your stomach.

Side Planck

Plank Exercise also has less fat around the waist. At the same time, it is the exercise to strengthen hands and chest. Hold the body with one hand and both legs for 30 seconds. Try to lift your belly and thighs upward. Make it ten times


Lent the back of the ground and lift both of your hands in the straight line of the ears. Breathe inside. Then lift your both legs out of the ground while leaving the breath out. By doing this, your body's position will become like V. Then breathe slowly and come to your normal position. Keep your thighs and thighs in the tightness tight. Do this 10 times.

Bicycle cranes

It has to run like a bicycle rather than keeping the feet stable. It reduces fat around the stomach, thighs, and waist.


This exercise is also called high intensity interval training. To do this, start with both hands on the ground like squat's posture. Then lift one leg up and come in the push-up. This will give you a perfect shape, as well as less fat.

Abdominal Crunches

Exercising this also reduce the fat of your stomach. Lie down on the back. Turn knees down. Bend your hands and keep them under the head. Raise your shoulders slightly above the ground. Then come back to the same position. Does this exercise at least 12 times?

Ball exercises

lie directly on the back of the ground on the ground. Now lift your two legs by taking a big shaped exercise ball in your hands. Now grab the ball of your hands on your feet and then take the feet down and come up again by taking the ball again. Do the verb continuously 12 times. By doing so, the accumulation of fat on the stomach will start decreasing in a few days.
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