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Know Why Protein Powder does not Work

Why Protein Powder does not Work
Know Why Protein Powder does not Work
Know Why Protein Powder does not Work?


We have often heard people claiming that even after taking protein powder or gainers there is no special difference in the body or weight gain. Today we will tell you why protein powder does not affect. The following are the 4 reasons why protein powder does not produce the correct results.

Do not take the right time for protein powder

If your real protein powder is taken then it will definitely work. Our biggest mistake is that we spend protein powder only on the daily needs of the body. You should have seen it on every container of protein powder, take it between two tacks it between mills.

This means that the protein should not be taken empty stomach nor after eating powder, there no food for too long. If there is protein powder or the gene for empty stomach or no diet, it will not work for making muscles or gaining, but it will be used to cater to your food needs.

If you do a gym in the morning, always eat carbohydrates before the gym. You must know how long before going to the gym what to eat. After the gym, take protein and take it in milk or juice instead of water. If you make shake then it will be better. After taking protein, have breakfast well.

How much protein should be taken?

Those who do not know the need for their body protein, they waste both the powder and the money. The person doing the normal gym needs a gram protein on the back of your body weight.

Very lean people are also able to gain weight. As we move forward, we need 2 to 3 grams of proteins on the body's reactions. Whether we take any powder, we should calculate how much we need and how much we are taking by mixing food and powder.

Bodybuilding of Body Protein Powder

This is the biggest mistake that everybody who likes the bodybuilding and protein powder of body building wants to build a body with the support of only protein and supplements, which is not possible.

You will know these things are called food supplements, not food. They only help; they cannot replace the real diet. Therefore, those who can diet cannot do protein powder alone; they can only help you to get the protein that you do not get from food.

Counterfeit protein supplements

This is also the biggest problem. If the seller sells 5000 rupees in the supplement market, then if the shopkeeper sells the fake, then it gets an advantage of two to three thousand at a time. The entire market is filled with fake supplements, the same logo; the same style is exactly the same. In the world of Body Building, it is called D Goods.

What happens to protein powder or mass gainers?

These powders are made by processing natural foods during a long process. These are given different names depending on their work and the things present in them.

This protein content is more carbohydrate and fat decreases.

The protein you get from eating a bowl of soybean, the same protein you will get in a teaspoon protein powder. Mass gainers supply between 22 to 35% of protein, while protein powder supplies more than 60%.

In mass gathered, they have more calories than protein, they contain large amounts of carbohydrate and fat, which is your calorie intake. The use of both protein powder and mass gainers is used for recovery of muscle.
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