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Master or Guide in Bodybuilding

 Master or Guide in Bodybuilding
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 Master or Guide in Bodybuilding

It is a fact that if anyone succeeds in achieving success, then it starts to call itself a guru. In ancient times, the master used to say such a person who would tell you without a right path without discrimination, without greed, without partiality and according to your qualifications. But today, the ignorant guru who calls himself a master, you push the disciple mostly into such wells where he cannot be reached by reaching there, and all is repentant.

Whether the master should be matured or in spirituality, in knowledge or in the game should be completely mature. If the ignorant guru tries to impose false statements with the claim, then the wise disciple does not get digested. In such a situation, mistrust for the master arises and the disciples of the master will be reduced. The wrong actions of the master do not go for too long and soon there is a bad name and the disciples run away.

The master who keeps his greed and does not care for the unwavering belief of the disciples, doing various kinds of wrong things, he is called master Hourly. Such masters are roaming around in the hourly fitness and bodybuilding, and they start raising dishes by making a little body. 

Fitness knowledge is limited to their own bodies and they all start doing whatever they have done or are doing. If they are taking steroids and other medicines, they will also have their own let’s start giving plenty of it. Most of them buy cheap items from the market and sell their books as expensive and fill their pockets. The junkies of good body ruin their hard earned money and health by fully believing on their vicious master.

These thugs with a little good body show your body or tell yourself to be wise, they rob their followers and do not forget to make them sick. Most of the time, these masters are either a little or a Champs body or some people who have seen each other and have spent a small or big gym or health club by spending money. This incomplete immature knowledge is earned either through the Net or by some studies. This incomplete knowledge can be less useful and less harmful.

The most dangerous thing is that these gym masters are giving various types of medicines, steroids and expensive supplements without any medical knowledge to the small children and loot them. I want to ask these masters whether they can give all this to my brother or son too. To do this, he will think thousand times.

I am annoyed with the name of the master because nobody takes a fitness master by himself. I have been engaged with fitness and bodybuilding for the last 45 years and have studied a little and learned a lot and have acquired some knowledge from some of my bodybuilding companions. 

I am sharing a guide with a diet of healthy and not always be a master and I will continue to gain knowledge from this process and whatever comes I will continue to share the knowledge.
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