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Perfect Prescription for Bodybuilding

Prescription for Body Building

Perfect Prescription for Bodybuilding

Perfect Prescription for Bodybuilding.

That is to say that nothing is possible, the body has to be built on the side of drugs and steroids, and without considering the body at risk. In every social media, there remain a lot of questions that what stacks and medicines are the perfect prescription for the champion in Body Building.

Nowadays, body lovers are ready to take any risk for anybody to make the body as big as a beast, powerful, muscled and shapes. It is the question of every man that how much medicines or drugs are necessary for bodybuilding.

It is very difficult to remove from his mind that bodybuilding is not a game of drugs, drugs or steroids. 90% of the world's top bodybuilders coming to the top, whether they state, national, Asian, international, or a pro bodybuilder, are considered as separate subjects, and their body building level is not considered as drugs. Can become what do I say if I do not say such a thought?

Even I am aware that 80% of drug users who are not able to become Body Builders, they are the most endemic types of extra money that are costly enough to be endothermic, but they are physically powerful, but due to the fat store, It cannot be done.

It is true that it is true that 90% of the champions come from those poor homes which do not have full dosage. Exercise has a strong effect on hobbies, hard work, and mesomorphic people, and they move far in the short time with other partners.

I emphasize again and again that champions are not the champions because they are taking some special or heavy drugs. While he is a champion, he has given him more genetics than other people, and his body texture, his way of exercising, his way of eating or luck is far better than other people, and if he gets along with a good coach then they become the champions without a halt.

The champions are those people who improvise 3 to 4 times faster with their colleagues who exercise with them and already earn 80% of their physical capacity in 3 years as compared to 40% of their physiological capacities with fewer geneticists.

 Only 50% of them can earn, no matter how many supplements or drugs they take. It is commonly found that low-capacity players look at themselves in more than two or more competitions by over-the-counter training, over-eating, over-the-counter medication. It is in their mind that perhaps more money or laborers as I work, I will cut off the champions.

In every sport, whether it is bodybuilding, lifting or athletics or gym, physical strength and muscle are contributed in it. Such medicines are victims of wrong use.

As an example, if a shotgun player can not complete 15 to 16 meter shots in his first 2 to 3 years of operation, then understand that there are no 18 to 19 meter in it and any stack course in the world And if he starts to rely heavily on medicines and drugs, without fear, then it will create severe physical disorders.

Similarly, if the 70-kilo bodybuilder works hard for 3 years despite hard work Even if the 120-kg bench press is not able to press, then it's natural that it is much less than those champions who already have 150 kg bench press in 3 years.

After reaching such a position, if someone takes more quantities of the amount of steroid or some medicines in excess quantity, then there can be an increase of 10 to 15% of its capacity.

But keep in mind that this increase is completely stable and as soon as we leave the lower course of the Bo Stack, then it will return to its natural strength. And it is also possible that after the stack, we will become our natural strength too.

But there is a complete guarantee that the damage that these stacks will have in the body is mostly permanent and their disorders remain in the body until the longest. Many disorders such as testicles do not work. Fetal disorder in the liver and the weakness of the muscles and bones can last for eternity.

In the end, I would like to request those dope manic brothers that they should determine their physical capacities and their targets under the geometric level given by nature and continue to work towards achieving those goals and earning them from their physical save money and health for your longevity.
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