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The First Activity Stretching

First Activity Stretching
The First Activity Stretching
The First Activity Stretching:

After light stretching after your warm-up exercise is your best bet for a more thorough stretching regimen. With your new-found knowledge of the benefits of proper technique and stretching, it will be easy to add this activity to your exercise/rehabilitation regimen. Here are a few good stretches to try:

Low back stretches:

Three quick and easy exercises to stretch the muscles of your lower back:

Morning Stretches:

Morning stretching your muscles up to "wake", and get them ready for the day is a great way.

Neck stretches:

Can be expanded with the help themselves to achieve a more effective stretch. The neck itself can learn how to perform the stretches us. The benefits of stretching are not many, but not all. Conditions include stretching should be avoided:

Muscle strains:

People who have suffered a severe muscle strain should avoid placing further strain muscles through stretching activities. The injured muscles must be given time to rest. The Severe period can result in muscle fibers draw further injury.

Fractured bones

After breaking a bone fracture site need time to heal. The muscles around the injured area stretching can prevent further break displace along with the pressure and bone healing. Stretching a joint that surrounds a broken bone should never until approved by your doctor.

Joint sprain:

If you own joint sprain, ligaments that help stabilize the overstretch your bones that form the joint. For this reason, should be avoided for the initial stretching after a joint sprain. Dissolved as well, to heal their bodies and pulling too early injury will delay this process requires time.


Flexibility is the degree to which an individual will lengthen the muscles. Lack of flexibility is slow and causes movement to become less fluid and muscle strains, ligament the more sensitive you for sprains and other soft tissue injuries. The most effective way to increase your flexibility by stretching.

Improved circulation:

Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles. This increased blood flow brings more nourishing for muscles and removes more waste byproducts from the muscles. Increased blood flow can help speed recovery from muscle and joint injuries.


Increases flexibility, improves balance and coordination that comes from stretching. Better balance and lower your risk for falls contacts.

Lower back pain:

Lower back, hamstrings, stiff and tight muscles in the hips and buttocks is one of the most common causes of lower back pain. Stretching these muscles will alleviate the pain.

Cardiovascular Health:

Recent studies have found that stretching can improve artery function and lower blood pressure. Finally, do not overlook the benefits of stretching. Please make sure that stretching is a regular part of your fitness program.
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