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Top Survivors from the Vicious Champions

Survivors from the vicious champions
Top Survivors from the vicious champions

Top Survivors from the Vicious Champions:

I have repeatedly stressed in my various columns that being champion bodybuilders is a God's gift, not because it is a result of excessive work, or is a result of a very expensive drug or split, and this is also the truth. A good champion is not necessarily a good person.

E.80 to 90 percent of the district, state or national body's bodybuilders are plundering around the innumerable naive buffaloes and bodybuilding lovers who are passing around them and who do not know them, they are doing a course of medicine and supplement.

I am writing with great sadness that innumerable bodybuilding lovers come in contact with me, these hard hearts, themselves, have been robbed by the hand of those who call me. And the bodybuilding lovers take their pockets in the cycle of making body, all those cheap and labeled medicines, vaccines, labels without label, imported counterfeit box without supplementing, without supplementing FSSAI mark, Is cheating by selling in.

It is not known to such people who call themselves such a guru, knowingly, how many people are unknowingly making bodybuilders, but patients are definitely making them. I want to congratulate the millions of bodyguards that they survived from such dangerous bodybuilding havano. Which motivates you to do various types of vaccine courses and mega supplements to become a bodybuilder like them?

I want to tell you that the bodybuilding like you are spoiling your parents' money and spoiling your health. It may be that these fake goods make you a little body for a while, which is completely temporal, and by which the body gets damaged, it is alive and alive. These side effects can lead to other diseases such as liver cancer, bacillus, dehydration, weakness, intestinal deformity, brain weakness, and knee and other joint disorders, muscular pain, and paralysis.

Just a few days ago, a poor but unbearable body lover wrote a letter and reported that as a well-known guru, a wolf robbed two lakh rupees for taking 2-3 consecutive vaccine pills and a coaching machine. We searched through our organization and caught that great master and put Ben to life. Many such children rescued from the vicious greedy champions whom he was constantly looting. . They were also afraid to say this and blackmailed that if you leave the center in the middle, then your death can also happen.

There are so many lions that are wandering around the wolf that are looting and making you fool by showing you a tiger. There are so many lions that are roaming in the skins of the lions that are plundering the poor goats and looting while making a lion and making fools from such a dangerous body-seen senior body builders, from the club's uninspiring coaches, from brokers of various chemists Avoid sub-standard supplements and save others.

With my 38 years of experience in this, I can say that there is no role in making the body of drugs and steroids, or in the capacity of any sport! This will give you some temporary benefits like water bubbles, but permanently leave the side effects in the body.

If you want to enhance your health, your body, your strength in the sentence itself, then you need adequate exercise, adequate rest, adequate dosage and adequate knowledge! For this, you can depend on our various magazines and in Tara's various websites because our goal is to give you good health and not to be sick forever.

I am writing this article with great sadness and feeling that I should have written a lot of years ago that perhaps after reading this article, some naive nuns would avoid becoming poor people of the body building and becoming poor.
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