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Ways to Increase and Reduce Weight

 Increase and Reduce Weight
Ways to Increase and Reduce Weight
Ways to Increase and Reduce Weight:

Most people find ways to increase and reduce weight. As far as weight gain is concerned, more food is not the right way to increase weight. This does not mean that the weight should be increased to more than enough. If this happens, then people eat more and eat all the fat.

Even if without eating, obese people cannot become thin. Where we are giving the diet chart of the supplementary dose according to the body, your body will gradually decrease and your strength and muscle should not be reduced, by sharing 1200 calories every day, 6-7 times a day, by eating the body yourself This dose reduces in order that the excess fat in the body does not increase and gradually decreases.

When you reduce the food to lose weight, then caloric intake of food takes special care. Reducing calorie intake in food is not enough. Food is also essential for vitamins, proteins, minerals, fibrous substances and other healthy substances, which is necessary for the healthy and healthy body.

Here you can reduce your weight according to the balanced diet given below. According to this plan, eat 1200 calories per day.

The following foods will get fewer calories along with the necessary medicinal substances for your body, so that you will lose weight, you will not have any weakness.

Breakfast: - Take 250-275 calories in the morning meal, 1 cup corn flakes (80 kg), 1 cup milk (creamy) with 1/2 spoon sugar (85 calories),

1 apple (50 calories), 1 cup of tea or coffee in which the milk is low and no more than 1/2 spoon of sugar (35 cats) or 1 chapatti (9 5 cents) (wheat flour, gram flour and gram flour Mix soybean flour in equal proportion)

1 cup boiled vegetable (100 cai), 1/2 cup of lentil without rice (85 caps) 1 chapatti or 1 cup boiled rice (115 caps)

Evening tea: Can eat a low calorie fruit (50-75 caps) or 2 biscuits (50 caps) and cup tea or coffee in which there is less milk and sugar should not exceed 1/2 spoon.

Dinner: Night meal should be light and take about 200 calories, eat 1 cup of pulses and boiled vegetables (110 caps) 1 chapatti or 1 gram double bread (bread) (95 caps), 1 cup milk 1/2 spoon of sugar (creamy landed) can drink before sleeping.

Caution: - Fruits: bananas, mangoes, dates, grapes, and chikoo are more calories. So eat less when you eat these fruits.

Vegetables: Saqqar-Kandi, peas and raw bananas can take all vegetables.
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