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What is Sweet Fat

What is Sweet Fat
What is Sweet Fat
What is Sweet Fat?

Yes, it is only sweet fat. The carbohydrate i.e., when the body becomes more and more in need, then it becomes converted into fat in the form of a store.

Sweet is the glucose, sugar, jaggery, sweet, fruits, cereals, vegetables or any such thing which is sweet, it turns into the body and becomes glucose. But the truth is that the sugar body does not store in the form of glucose.

If this happens then the level of sugar level increases in every person as much as the sugar patients. And every man would be a patient of sugar. When this does not happen.

From a much smoked sweet chemical reaction, the triglyceride is converted into fat and stored in the body as fat in various places. This fat leads to obesity by going under the skin and increasing the cholesterol by staying in the blood causes the cause of various diseases.

Here I consider it compulsory to write that if we eat fat, it does not form part of the body, but without the power, there is a direct store.

If you have to avoid bad fats, then something that seems sweet on zodiac like sugar, more nutritious fruit and fruit juices, sweets, soft drinks etc. should be eaten at least and which does not look sweet on Carbone juice Just like potatoes, rice, flour, grains, eat some time and again and again.

Similarly, carbons which are too heavy to digest, such as salads, greens, vegetables, pulses, dry fruits, etc. should be eaten a few times more often.

But remember, we must take more than 60% of our carbohydrate meal in our diet anytime. Today, the practice of zero carbons is wrong and dangerous.

Because carbons are the control of our body and without it, the car cannot run. If we eat a little over 5 to 6 times a day, eat 15% sweet, 50% of grains and 35% fibers of whole carbons in your diet, Will not be exhausted and if no Carbone is the stomach, fat will not cause obesity and various diseases as fat.
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