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Why are the Players Reduced in Sports Spirit

Players Reduced in Sports Spirit
Why are the Players Reduced in Sports Spirit

Why are the Players Reduced in Sports Spirit?

There was no time to work the full year for a medal or a title, and now all year to live in the glamor of the game is on drugs and unnecessary supplements! Have you ever seen fighting or preparing for any prize money at any district, state or national level in any football, cricket, basketball, hockey, volleyball, wrestling, weightlifting, powerlifting, boxing, athletic etc. in the game!

All these and many more games that are played like the game and full game spirit! A medal or certificate is put in full force! For this reason, some talented players go to play in all the play!

And the status of the winning medal is fully appreciated! And if you ask a player, he always says that he won the gold, silver or bronze medal and not the money! Whether it is the district or Olympic level of these winning medals, it is recognized on the official scale!

But bodybuilding game is growing towards such a physically and healthy mess that you cannot think. Prizes are kept for smallest competition and those bodybuilders who have fewer talents also tend to prepare for the preparation ... and this preparation is not something else but to push them towards dangerous drugs and drugs!

The kind of person who calls himself, the master of this game, the great master, the coach and the poor body lover, is cutting their pockets for their selfish interests and is giving them a life in which there is no other diseases for which they have bodybuilding is going away!

Think of the money and title of the money as you like, these people are robbed by giving expensive supplements, hormones, steroids and expensive personal training! And every little bit good person has been shown to be a champion and he is robbed! But the one who comes next has a natural talent!

I want to make it clear that the champion is not a champion, he does any special training or takes special supplements or drugs or a growth hormone, but he is the champion that he has some of the best natural genetics, texture, Condition, fate, and atmospheres.

My own opinion is that we should allow the game to remain playable and we should not have prize money! Well, at the national level, the good reward should be given but no money should be kept! And the prize money or prize should not be done annually!

In this way, the game will become professional and the winner will win only one hundred and fifty lakhs of money for the money earned by himself or his parents, and will spend on drugs and various health-delete ring shortcuts! And some counted champions will be rich and the players will become poor and sick! And there is no day away when every health club will not be making a champ, many people will be sick and the game gets discredited!

Bodybuilding is an art and the artist is God! And there is no way in which there is no way in the world that it cannot do better than 10 to 20 percent of its natural body and why it is too tempered if we leave exercises or shortcuts, then it will be back like this. ! And if we have made the body bad things, then the body will be there, along with it will also get the help of various diseases to die early! ....... 
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