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Women do not Play with Diet

Women do not Play with Diet
Women do not Play with Diet
Women do not Play with Diet


A balanced diet is essential for keeping the body healthy and protecting from diseases. Women taking care of from home to children are often careless about their food. This negligence in the food can lead women to various types of diseases, such as obesity, anemia, calcium etc. Let us know which caretakers are women who should take care of them with their food and drinks: -

Not having breakfast

Most women, especially working women, do not have breakfast because they are busy, which is not fair enough. The weight of women who do not have breakfast is higher than those who have breakfast. Most women who are dieting think that leaving breakfast can save them from consuming extra calories. While this is not true. When you sleep, your metabolism becomes dull and energy needs to start again. Besides, when you wake up, your glucose level is very low and your body also needs energy. So morning meals are very important. Your breakfast can also include egg, milk, and grain or fruit juice.

Stress while eating

Due to sadness, depression or eating in stress, your diets and calorie balance become disturbed. When you are under stress, you take the help of junk food and unhygienic snacks. Dissociation is a negative effect on your West line by eating food. Sufficient sleep and healthy food help you avoid stress bricks.

Taking liquid diets

It is often misunderstood that people do not gain weight by consuming liquid things but they do not realize that sugar and milk in coffee, sugar in can juice and corn flour in the readymade soup can increase, instead of losing weight. If you really want to lose weight, it will be better to drink a ready-made juice, soup or black coffee, tooth milk curry prepared with yogurt.

Not drinking enough water

Water is very important for many body processes. If you do not drink enough water then the speed of metabolism becomes slow in your body. Even in light dehydration, your metabolism falls to 3 percent. If you are on diet, do not underestimate the importance of water.


It is true that it is important to cut down on carbohydrates and fat by using your diet to lose weight. But it is not right to completely eliminate it from your catering. Instead, you should refrain from refined carbohydrates and take 50 grams of essential carbs. These include berry and other high-fiber sources. Hazards of low-fat diets include hormone imbalances and insulin resistance, which are usually associated with diabetes, weight gain, and cognitive problems.

Growing of artificial juices and sugar

Eating juice can be a good idea, they are natural. But, if you take a packed juice, fruit juice is not as beneficial as you think. In many ways, these are just like sugar found in sugar. In most packed fruit juice, artificial sugars are mixed, they are not completely natural. The chemicals found in them come in taste, but they do not get nourishment.

Negligence in calcium and vitamin D

After a certain age, the calcium deficiency in women is increasing. For which, they are being hit by a dangerous disease like osteoporosis. In the care of their families, women are more careless towards their body. They cannot take care of themselves. As a result of which calcium deficiency is decreased. For the lack of calcium, some foods such as milk, cheese, cheese, curd, soybean, green vegetables, leaf cabbage etc. should always be eaten.


A lot of people do not anticipate their appetite and sometimes they are overweight. In the same way, some women do not have an accurate measurement of things when making food at home. In this way, they often make more than enough food, which is the main reason for their weight gain. Always use small utensils to eat, this will make the food more visible in the plate and in some you will also feel better.

Over Dieting or Exercise

Often, women do not exercise due to lack of information; they do more exercise than they need to reduce their weight, which also causes them fatigue. If you have a dehydration problem or an electrolyte balance, then it is also an indicator of over exercise. Dieting women do not know what they have to eat and what does not. He starts eating less and has severe pain in his head.
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