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Top Transcendental macho having a Muscle

Transcendental macho having a Muscle
Top Transcendental macho having a Muscle

Top Transcendental macho having a Muscle

There are many macho men in the world. Let's introduce monster classes that cannot be considered the same human beings from such macho men this time.

That person's nickname is "The Mountain". As the name suggests, his arms have large mountains. Rather than barking, it's exactly "mountain". Looking at his body, I get shocked to the extent that it leaks without thinking "It's serious!"

Arm around 74 cm

That person who is worrisome is Body Builder Brazilian living, Earned · the · Souza. He is a 43-year-old man who is a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His arm around, how 74 cm! If you look at the numbers, you might think that "You are mistaken as West," but that is not the case. Again, the arm around is 74 cm.

It is as if he had pulled out of the fighting manga like Souza, but his muscles were not obtained by training. It was acquired by a very dangerous method.

Steroid alone is unsatisfactory

Initially, he was taking steroids. In addition, horses for vitamins and hormones. Even this alone pneumatically smells fragrant, but he seems to have a strong desire to "wish to make a difference to the rival of the same body proud". Two years ago he practices the forbidden way heard from those who attend the same gym.

That way is to inject one with oil, alcohol, and anesthetic into your arm. It was a tremendously dangerous way, he said, "I felt" more "each time I injected, I have no limits." And when he keeps this dangerous injection three times a week for two months, he seems to be a fight cartoon body like the following.

Just surely it is a transcendental machine, but its ingredients are main muscles just like a fake for oils and alcohol.

People who actually lost their lives

As mentioned above, this method is extremely dangerous. Some of the people who practiced have people who have decided to cut their arms and some who died. Also, he himself seems to feel dizzy after hitting the injection.

I thought "Do you want to be that macho!?", but for him, it seems that your body is more important than anything else. Anyway, you should never imitate his way, but the human body that you have been away from must be a must-see.

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