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Create attractive Lower Body

Create attractive Body
Create attractive Lower Body
Create attractive Lower Body

Lower body exercises with upper body exercises for the whole body to attract and strengthen the special roll | Lower body exercises to strengthen the legs include | The Gluts, quads, hamstrings muscles as is necessary to work on | Here we have to be aware of some important leg exercises, which you can find is the strong and attractive Lower body: -

Single Leg Touch Down

This exercise can be done anywhere at home, parks, and gyms | It began to stand on one leg and one arm up in the lift | Now slowly bend at the hips and touch your hand over your second toe | Get back in the starting position again now | Take care of your body when it's neutral posture as well as keep your torso tight | After a few reps with one leg on the other leg do the same exercise again |

Single Leg Touch Down

Touchdown Gluts single leg, hamstring and works mainly on the lower back muscles | Toned legs wishing to benefit from this exercise can sample | This exercise reinforces the back of the legs |

Single Leg Touch Downs....

Front Squat:

The best exercises to work on the squat front. The upper part of your thigh, while it gives more space to the motion of your knees as you will have to straighten them out overweight. While it is in the hands of the good quality hot band or takes a blindfold. While driving down and breathe and breathe while ascending. To put four sets, The first set of lightweight with rap and then three sets of ten to 12 10 to 12, with reasonable weight Rap |

Front Squat:

Squat emphasizes more on the front of the other exercises and is profitable | While it is less stress on your spine |

Hip squat:

It works on the leg. Your quads, ham, and GUTS String three works. Guts and has the greatest impact on the hamstring. In these exercise calories than others, while most attention to this exercise is to sit on posture: Your hips will move out first. Find a total of four sets | first set with lightweight heavyweight three sets of ten to 12 with rap and other rap 10 to 12.


It's in the back gives the best shape strength and helps increase their size | Restorative and legs to create larger works |

Exercise under the chair:

Under the chair in front of you to stand up and face the opposite direction and the chair put his feet on the back |

Leg X:

Keep knees bending at their past: These positions will be the start of the time using both knees when you will be in the currency. Continue the same process with your other leg.

Walking lightly:

In this exercise you are going to wait | you can do it with a dumbbell in both hands. You sit down at every step so that the angle of 90 degrees, which made him the front foot and knee of the other leg four inches above the ground, will be left. Walk at least 10 steps. Three sets of this exercise, 10 to 12, after all, if you can rap make a two-minute walk light.

Walking Exercise:

It is multi-joint exercise. At the end of every muscle of your feet shall bloom.

You can back up these workouts | Add a new workout, remove the old.
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