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The Proportion of your Body's Texture

Proportion of your Body's Texture
The Proportion of your Body's Texture

The Proportion of your Body's Texture

Let us strengthen the body parts that are behind or weaken by the proportion of your body's texture. In most people the legs are weak from the upper part of their body or the size of the sides is smaller or larger in proportion to the other parts of the body.

The only fund to bring the weak parts of your body to the proportion of others is that they give adequate exercise or comfort to those body parts so that the size of those muscles increases and your body is better and better than ever. This time, I am going to tell you a backup training program, so that your back biceps, trips will be better than before and you will perform better than ever before in any competition.


First day:

Chain (Brent Press 3 Set, Incident Bond Press 2 Set, Bench Press or Parallel Bar Dips 2 Set) +

Shoulder (font press 2 set, side lateral or band over side lateral 1 or 2 sets)

Second day: complete rest

Day 3:

Back (chin 3 sets, pull down 2 sets, ground pulley or t-bar rowing 1 or 2 sets) +
Biceps (Barbell curl 2 sets, dumbbell curl or curl 1 or 2 sets) +
Trapezius (1 or 2 sets) +
Triceps (pulley pushdown 2 sets, barbell triceps extension 1 or 2 sets) +
Upper abs (sit-ups 2 sets, Crunchy 1 set)

Fourth day: complete rest,

Day 5:

Lower body (squat 3 set, leg press or half squat 2 set + long curl 2 set, dad lift 3 set), pullover 2 set,

Race 3 set finally includes Lag Race 2 Set, Lower Abyss (Lag Race 2 Set Reverse Crunchy 1 Set)

Six Days: Comfort,

Seventh-day: Like the second day,

Eighth day: rest,

Ninth Day: Like the Fourth Day

It should be remembered that in all these exercises, reps should be between 6 and 8 and the load should be in sufficient quantity. Some exercises such as the abdomen, reps should be 18 to 20 if you feel that you can remove more reps, then slowly 18 to 20 reps, so that while doing each rep slowly, you should keep all the attention towards the muscles we are exercising.

In this way, in 10 days program, we used to exercise legs two times and due to 1 leave before training and 1 leave after training, the muscles get a chance to be more blissful and stronger.

During the OFF season, you should try that your weight does not increase by more than 2-3 kg with the weight of the competitiveness, but your ability to increase strength and rep can be increased continuously. During the OFF season, try that the body does not fatty and your muscles grow continuously, whose scale is the strength of your strength so that you can put 6 or 8 reps.
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